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SeaPora Ammonia Filter Pad - 25.4cm x 45.7cm (10in x 18in)

  • SeaPora Ammonia Filter Pad - 25.4cm x 45.7cm (10in x 18in)

The SeaPora Ammonia Pad is a dense chemical filter pad which removes Ammonia from your aquarium water; effectively reducing the possibility of Ammonia poisoning. SeaPora Ammonia Pads lower the risk of fish stress and disease while promoting crystal clear water. This media should be implemented as a preventative measure or treatment; and not as a remedy for persistent Ammonia concentrations. Use a test kit to check Ammonia levels regularly. The Ammonia Pad is not a substitute for regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance.

SeaPora Ammonia Filter Pads can be cut & shaped to fit any filtration system, such as:

  • Canister Filters, Hang-On Filters, Trickle Filters, Pond Filters, Wet/Dry Filters, Filter Cartridge Frames, and other mechanical filter applications.
  • Great for both freshwater and marine applications.

Product Specifications:

  • Filtration Pad Type: Ammonia (chemical)
  • Dimensions (Width x Height): 25.4cm x 45.7cm (10in x 18in)

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SeaPora Ammonia Filter Pad - 25.4cm x 45.7cm (10in x 18in)
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