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About Dymax

Dymax Corporation, originally founded in 1980 as the American Chemical and Engineering Company, is a leading manufacturer of advanced light-curable adhesives, coatings, oligomers, light-curing equipment, and fluid dispense systems. We provide design engineers with the products and services they need to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.

Our Mission

We make our customers more capable and efficient. Dymax solutions maximize capability and efficiency by increasing throughput, enhancing quality and performance, conserving energy, improving safety and reducing environmental impact.

Dymax serves the needs of OEMs in the medical, electronics, optical, aerospace, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, and alternative energy markets. We sell our products directly and through a worldwide network of distributors and sales partners. Primary light-curable products include adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, gasketing resins, masking materials, and potting compounds.

We also manufacture a variety of conventional arc-bulb and LED light-curing equipment including spot lamps, flood lamps, conveyors, and radiometers. Automated and manual dispense systems are available for all types of low-to-medium viscosity fluid dispensing. Oligomers include multifunctional acrylates, polyether urethane acrylates and methacrylates, and polyester urethane acrylates and methacrylates.

From the design phase through performance testing, we assist manufacturers in solving their most complex application problems. With an innovative and experienced staff of R&D scientists, application engineers, sales managers, and customer support representatives, we are dedicated to providing cost-saving assembly solutions to manufacturers in today‘s highly competitive environment.

Dymax employs more than 250 people worldwide and owns over 30 technology patents. Our corporate headquarters are in Torrington, Connecticut with additional facilities in Germany, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore.

Complete Solutions, Not Just Products

At Dymax we combine our product offering of oligomers, adhesives, coatings, dispensing systems, and curing equipment with our expert knowledge of light-cure technology. Where others only supply products, we are committed to developing a true collaborative partnership, bringing our total process knowledge to our customer‘s specific application challenges. Because we understand the process as a whole, and not just individual aspects of it, we can offer our customers a solution where chemistry and equipment work seamlessly together with maximum efficiency. Our solutions help our customers lower costs, increase process efficiency, and become more profitable, giving them a competitive advantage they can‘t get anywhere else.

Dymax Products & Services

  • Oligomers: Advanced performance oligomers for UV/EB formulators developing applications for energy-cure systems.
  • Light-Curable Materials: (LCMs) that are environmentally friendly and maximize process throughput.
  • Light-Curing Equipment: Equipment optimized to work seamlessly with Dymax LCM formulations for the fastest, most thorough cures.
  • Dispense Systems: Dispense systems that are robotically or manually integrated into manufacturing processes.
  • Technology Consultative Services: Application Engineering and R&D teams that enable the selection of the best combination of bonding materials, curing equipment, and process parameters for the most efficient and robust assembly process.

Visit the Dymax website for more information: http://www.dymax.com/ [external link]

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