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Live Food Crickets (12 Pack) Small Size

Live Crickets 

Crickets  | Top Quality fresh crickets at Best Prices

  Since smaller crickets are more nutritious than larger crickets (proportionately less exoskeleton) it is better to feed out more of the smaller ones and fewer of the big ones ... and the small ones being younger will also have a longer life span than the large ones do!. 

We currently sell ONLY one type of live crickets. We no longer offer the Acheta Domesticus (commonly known as the house cricket) ... We sell ONLY the Brown Banded cricket (Gryllodes Sigillatus).

Each brand of cricket cricket has its on unique specifications.  Here is some information on each breed below to help you make your decision.  The BB cricket has been determined as being the better choice for your pet.

Acheta Domesticus (House Crickets)

  • Not overly aggressive towards animals or humans.
  • OK source of protein for your pet.
  • Moves slower than BB cricket, which makes it easier for your pet to catch.
  • Gets slightly larger than the banded crickets, but the adults are smellier and noisier.
  • Has been the industry standard for over 50 years.

Gryllodes Sigillatus (Brown Banded Crickets) 

  • Not aggressive towards animals or humans.
  • Has a higher protein content than the Acheta Domesticus.
  • Moves quicker, so it gives your pet more of a challenge and better excercise.
  • Now considered more hearty and lives longer than the Acheta Domesticus (1/2" size 4-5 week lifespan).
  • Better nutritional value and lower mortality rates

Top Quality Disease-Free live crickets for our customers.

Our cricket prices are extremely competitive so why not add crickets, and some of our Custom-Blended Cricket Dry Food, to your order?  Just e-mail us your postal code and the quantity you want and we'll give you a firm price (shipping and taxes in) ... we're pretty sure we'll beat the price you're currently paying at your local pet store.

Ordering your crickets online direct from us gives you the chance to try some of our other live feeders too (with no extra shipping costs). 

So shop smart ... get all your feeders in one order and SAVE $$$ 

- $ - $ - $ - $ -

CRICKET FACTS:  Crickets breakdown plant material, renewing soil minerals, thus having a positive ecological impact.  They are also an important food source for other animals, such as lizards, tortoises, frogs, salamanders and spiders.  They are generally quite inexpensive to buy also making them a favorite of pet owners.

Crickets are composed mainly of ash so they are lower in nutritional value than other common insects, such as Phoenix Worms (BSFL), silkworms, hornworms, superworms and wax worms, as larval insects contain more protein and digestible energy than adult crickets, and the cricket's hard chitin is hard to digest, sometimes causing impaction, and occasionally even death of your pet.

Smaller crickets are softer and therefore much preferable for feeding your juvenile pets.  Always remember this simple rule of thumb; the live feeder cricket should be shorter in length than the space between the eyes of your pet.

Crickets must be dusted with calcium, just before feeding them to your pets, in order to provide some nutritional value and they should never be used as the sole or staple food in the pet's diet.

Live crickets do provide some added variety in the implementation of a balanced and healthy diet for your exotic pets.

Here at The Worm Lady we provide you with the Best #1 Top-Quality, healthy, well fed, moisture and organically gut-loaded fresh crickets ... and at great prices too!

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Live Food Crickets (12 Pack) Small Size
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