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Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 26.4 Litres (24 Dry Quarts)

  • Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 26.4 Litres (24 Dry Quarts)

Zoo Med's ReptiBark is made from the bark of fir trees. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles due to its ability to absorb moisture and then release it into the terrarium. In addition, the smaller chips provide better moisture retention while preventing live food from hiding in your substrate. Naturally decorative, ReptiBark provides your terrarium with that tropical rainforest look. ReptiBark is washable and re-useable.

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Other sizes available:

  • Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 1.1 Litres (1 Dry Quart) - RB-1
  • Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 4.4 Litres (4 Dry Quarts) - RB-4
  • Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 8.8 Litres (8 Dry Quarts) - RB-8

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Zoo Med Premium ReptiBark - 26.4 Litres (24 Dry Quarts)
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  • Brand: Zoo Med

  • Product Code: RB-24

  • UPC: 097612750249

  • EAN: 0097612750249

  • MPN: RB-24

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  • $34.99

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